Van Sertima Before Congress - Challenging the Columbus Myth

Van Sertima Before Congress - Challenging the Columbus Myth

July 7, 1987

“If we are to have a commemoration, let us take this opportunity not to consolidate a myth, but to open a new window upon the universe of peoples. Let us take full cognizance of other civilizations here in a true cross-cultural fashion so we can really speak of ourselves as true Americans, New World people, because that is what the New World means...the bringing together of all these old world elements into a new world.”

— Ivan Van Sertima

Dr. Van Sertima appeared, on July 7, 1987, before Congress to discuss the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Act. Van Sertima, single-handedly, presented evidence to prove that Africans made contact with native Americans long before Columbus, and that Columbus did not “discover” the Americas.

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