Dear Dr. Van Sertima,

I am a new teacher at an incredible charter school called the Baltimore Freedom Academy. The school is dedicated to scholastic excellence through emphasis on leadership and social justice. I will be teaching courses in the Third World, the Fourth World and African History. I was a civil rights attorney for 10 years before I became an adjuct faculty member of History at UMBC. I am a white woman in my mid 30's hired to teach civil rights legislation and litigation. But after some time and study, I discovered my passion for African Civilizations.

The reason I am writing to you is that every teacher in the school is asked to dedicate their classroom to their history. There are so many amazing activists and scholars to choose from, but for me, the choice was very clear. I have selected you.

I first read "They Came Before Columbus" 2 years ago and it changed my life. This incredible, book, Golden Age of the Moor and your many recorded lectures are REQUIRED for every course I will ever teach. Your scholarship and passion for the truth is awe-inspiring.

I hope to cultivate the next generation of great minds to jointhe revolution. I will be hanging your picture and some of your quotes outside my classroom for as long as I teach.

I know that much of the academic world has challenged you for speaking truth to power. But please know that there are MANY people out there who are reading your work and changing the way they teach and think. You are my hero. Thank you!

Irene Smith

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