Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Jacqueline Van Sertima
Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Jacqueline Van Sertima
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Our urgent concern is to ensure the use of these books as texts in high schools and universities.  The work of a whole generation of scholars will go to waste unless these works can enter “the curriculum of inclusion” or, as it is known in some circles, “the multicultural curriculum.”  

This is the beginning of a major revolution in thinking, which goes beyond mere protest rhetoric which attempts, with the utmost seriousness, to change the perception, everywhere, of the role of people of African descent in the history of the world.  This cannot be accomplished without the help of many people.  We, therefore, urge you to join in this crusade.  You can do this simply by completing your own library of books and by alerting family and friends, local bookstores and libraries, and your school systems at all levels, so that we may continue this critical revision of history.

— Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Jacqueline Van Sertima

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