Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to know where to start in reference to reading Dr. Van Sertima's, books. I have heard a lot about him and also read articles about him, but up until now, I didn't know where to purchase his books or papers. I need your advice as to where I should begin my studies.

Thank you,
Mohamed Kallon

Dear Mr. Kallon,

What a great question! Dr. Van Sertima authored They Came Before Columbus in 1977.  It was his magnum opus and opened the doors for the creation of the Journal of African Civilizations. We would suggest you start from where he did. It is one of the greatest introductions to all African-centered history books, and is widely used throughout the world by teachers of all age groups to junior high school students through post graduate students and beyond, and is as popular today as it was when Dr. Van Sertima first wrote it, as true history does not change.

Thank you so much for your question. It is probably a question that a lot of people would like to ask, and never do. 
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