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Great Black Leaders: ancient and modern - Paperback

Great Black Leaders: ancient and modern - Paperback

Great Black Leaders: ancient and modern - Paperback
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Any selection of leaders, whatever the criteria, is inherently subjective, and this collection does not pretend to be comprehensive.  It does establish clear criteria for inclusion, focusing on outstanding individuals from America, Africa, and the Caribbean, who are clearly of global and not, solely, national significance.  Leaders from a number of historical epochs were selected and Dr. Van Sertima has also included material on outstanding women leaders (Queens Tiye, Hatshepsut, Nzingha).  Leaders who had profoundly affected the modern period (Kwame Nkrumah) are also represented. With one exception (Nelson Mandela) the individuals described are no longer living, to ensure that time warrants a consensus about their significance.  (120 illus.)


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